Introduction-Network marketing at its finest

Hi there. Resurrecting writing again and this is going to be concentrated on my first love in the business world, network marketing or direct sales. I have been fascinated by this industry for a very long time. I have had some successes and some failures…HUGE ones. But I still believed that this was my path and boy I am sure glad I listened. It is not often that we listen to ourselves and that is the holy grail of “you have to do it!!” Intuition something that many of us have been taught to ignore. That is divinity in itself guiding you to a greater purpose.

Are you happy in what you do for the exchange of your time for money. AKA your job, AKA just over broke? 95% of people say NO!!! So why don’t more people invest in themselves and start their own business through a network marketing vehicle. One word accountability (ok 2 self confidence). People are afraid of failure, yep it really isn’t that big of a deal. It is a monster that one creates. It is an excuse. A person in this type of business has to be a self disciplinarian. Most people won’t turn off the TV, stay in instead of going to the bar, going to a networking event vs. a party, or simply to pick up the phone. WHY? Why do people shy away from their greatness? They have become comfortable in their mediocrity. Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, turn on the idiot box. Next day repeat and then again and again. I am telling you your boss, the owner of the business you work at is getting rich off of you. He or she pays you just enough to keep you around.

But think about how much more you would be invested in yourself if you were the owner. How much harder would you work? What if you knew you could make a few extra hundred in your first month maybe $1k in your second month but by month 6-9 $5k a month? What if I told you, you could do this just by getting on the phone with 2-3 people a day and spend ONE hour of your time doing this. What if a person that showed you a business model that was leveraging the time of others collectively and helped you every step of the way does this sound do-able and we will teach you and build your confidence.

We do!

We do!? Don’t you dare say no. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work to secure your future and live debt free. That is just the beginning!


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