What will it take?

So often I hear about people that can’t get ahead or nothing works for them or woe is me. Do you know the only one creating their reality, is that person? I created my own downfall a few years ago. Completely constructed out of my own effort. The “woe” is me syndrome. Now with that being said we can not control outside external forces but we can control how we react to them. Everything that we go through is a temporary situation and we can control our destiny. It is all a matter of a sum of small choices made everyday.

Life can throw curve balls, hard balls, even walks, but we can circumvent many of these things happening. There is a 2 book series called the Happiness Advantage and Beyond Happiness where it is statistically proven that happy people are more successful. That gracious people have more good and financial success that comes into their lives. It is all about being elastic, being flexible. And most of all letting all of the negativity and small insignificant problems roll off your back. That is a huge part of moving forward, not getting stuck and not buying into the “No’s”.  My mantra, “be a duckie and let it roll off . Shake your tail feathers. Sometimes you have to say wth and don’t look back. ”

Give your time to productivity and income producing activities vs. giving your time to negativity, whining and complaining or people that fall into this category. One of our team members said, “You can step in the poop or step over it.” Where you spend your time is so important. If you are a business owner, you are creating a legacy. How do you think the Donald Trump’s, Michael Phelp’s, or Pharell’s got to where they are today? They didn’t take no for an answer and they got told no way more than you and I did. Sure they had pity parties, but give yourself 30 seconds, brush it off and get back up. Part of being successful is being resilient. Part of success is keeping your focus and your eye on the end result. Success is 100% based on YOUR intention. What do you intend for yourself? What is it that you want more than anything else for you and your family? Then go out and get it. You may not have the answer that is falling at your feet right at this moment but eventually the answer reveals itself. That my friends is intuition. Intuition will never lead you astray. Successful people set goals, they write it down, no matter how insignificant.

You and you alone have to believe in yourself, believe that you can do it and you will succeed. There are people that believe in you. Is it a bit scary sure, but once you commit to getting into action that fear dissipates or goes away. And seriously what do we have to be afraid of? The word NO? Why do we give it so much power?  No matter if it is a lifestyle choice or business. You have the power to overcome and be all that you can be.  No is just a word. It means , no not right now, no I need more information, no I am not interested, but I might know of someone that might be. Success may not happen over night or next week but if you keep working towards your goal, over time you will see things shift. It always does whether you believe it or not. You get what you put in. That age old word karma…exactly…if you are thinking negative, hurtful thoughts this is what appears in your life. Your energy is very very powerful. It can hurt or help you. That is why it is so important to feed your mind with positive thoughts, books, programs, coaching, people and more.

Do you ever get around a person and feel like their energy drains you or you just don’t want to be around them? It is their field of energy they are radiating. And then you have those people that you want to be around all of the time. They are always happy, always helpful and that is what we need more of. People coming from true graciousness. Attitude is gratitude. Wonder why you always hear that? Because it works and it is true. Get on the bus. The bus of unlimited potential and happiness awaits you. When you shift your thoughts and come from a place of gratitude, everything will shift in your life. Are you willing to do what it takes?


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