Lead by Example

I have had this conversation many many times this week and it seems that many people try to buy people into their businesses. One do not ever ever do this. Do not give back anything that you are paid to a new partner or entice them to come on board with a cash or product incentive. You have the most incredible business model in the world. Your company has given you all of the tools to use to offer your opportunity to a prospective new partner. If you place value on your opportunity so will everyone you talk too. You determine the value.

For me, I treat this business like I invested a million dollars. That is the return on investment (ROI) I get. What if you did invest $10,000? $100,000? $500,000 you better believe that you are going to be out their working your business everyday. You won’t be afraid to make that phone call or three or 10 or even 100. It isn’t a big deal for many people to buy a kit for $200-$300 and then that is how they treat it without realizing you have a potential multi multi million dollar business at your fingertips.

I don’t know where else in the world that you can have all of the education in the world or none, have millions in the bank or you barely have enough to cover the groceries or the mortgage. This business, the playing field is level for everyone. It is how BAD YOU want it. How hungry are you? What are you going to do to get it? It won’t happen overnight. You have to cultivate relationships and build those.

Maybe you are a leader in this industry already. Is everything you do for your business dupicateable? (and that is not a word but I created so be it). Could a brand new person come in and do what you are doing? Are you doing the minimums required or are you actively working your business everyday and pushing yourself farther and farther? What you do your team does.  What you put out there your team does and sees. They will mimic you. Really look at what you are doing and keeping it simple.

This business is not difficult, it is very simple but you have to work it. Are you going to do what it takes?


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