Being Exclusive in your Network Marketing Business

network tip 10

We often hear in this industry about multiple streams of income and there are many ways to diversify your money. However, what that does not mean is that you can serve two masters in network marketing. Often times I see people doing two, four or ten direct sales companies. It is great if companies offer a bulk discount for signing up especially if you are a user of the product BUT you can not work and focus on more than one business and be seriously successful. No one has done it and most companies once you get to a certain rank don’t allow it. You will reach a entry or moderate leadership level and then you will never rise to the top ranks of a pay plan.   I certainly could never dream of doing it. I have side projects like finishing my book(s) and speaking on a national level which is a great fit alongside what I am already doing.  I would never imagine having the time to build another team nor would want to because for me I would not have credibility and people would not treat me like I am serious along with having credibility with my team. Having a JOB or a career and working this along side with what you are doing is completely different. A job you are punching a clock and trading time for money. Someone will tell you how much you can make, when to be there and what you have to do. This you fit into the nooks and crannies of your life but the professional rewards can be what you decide you want. I know so many people that were in careers being lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers and many other careers that did this right alongside and built a much bigger income in a few years and were able to walk away. So where does a network marketing career fit into your life. Don’t tell me you don’t have time. Everyone has time. Turn off the TV, stop gossiping, get off of social media and the time that frees up will be amazing. Figure out very specific times you will work your business and use that time for IPA’s (income producing activities). Phone calls, coffee meetings, appointments, facetime, skype, the possibilities are limitless and yes social media, texting and email have a place at the end.

When you are building a multi-million dollar business all of your effects and focus need to be on that one goal.  Find a company that one you are passionate about their product line, their people and their vision. Make sure their comp plan or pay plan pays well. It is difficult to attract successful people into a company when their comp plan is shallow and when you are going a million different directions. And all of the million dollar income earners will tell you the same thing, build one and build it big!



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