How Do You Choose a Network Marketing Company & A Leader to Partner With?

network tip 3

Often times I get asked how did you choose the company you are partnering with and how do you choose a leader? The two really go hand in hand. When you are choosing a company there are so many facets to consider. Don’t think emotionally and because you loved that person or the product line and make a decision without really doing your research. Have a check list. You can obtain so much information on and just by doing a search but alas don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Scour the professional articles that have been written not opinions based on a few people. They just recently published an article why companies fail and what they said was spot on.

According to the DSA, the number one thing they said was companies losing focusing on their people. The field is the most important commodity for a company. So when looking for a company the field has to be the primary focus and they have got to have a niche market product. Many times when companies start failing they offer too many products or they lose focus of their core product.  Great programs and training are imperative. Make sure you have passion for the product line. In my opinion the comp plan should have a very generous pay out. Comp plans that are shallow or when you have breakaways it will severely affect paychecks across the board and that does not create a long term productive team. A company flat-out has to pay their people well and pay their people on time. It is so very important if a company is a start-up or newer they have got to have capital.

Being that I have been through 2 company closings, there are things to look for and not to look for. You can not start a direct sales company or any company on a wing and a prayer and like any other business. It has to be efficient, planned out and the have got to have backing whether it is their own or someone else, this is critical. If it is someone else, make sure they have full execution of decisions. Trust your instinct and intuition. If something feels off or not right that is exactly what it is. If it is meant to be you will know it in your deepest self. That is how I knew I had found the right company. Since my last direct sales company I had been looking for a long time and I knew when I found it. Like I know what I know what I know! What are the company’s future plans? They should be talking about this on business opportunity calls on future plans. Expansion? Incentives-i.e. a car program, travel, free product, jewelry etc. A recognition program is so important because people want and need praise. Some companies won’t have any of these but they will have cash bonuses. What kind of quick or fast start program do they have? That is when a new consultant gets started they have a period of time to earn extra money or product or both. Is there a cap to the comp plan meaning is there a cut off to making a certain amount of money? Being that I have had uplines and been direct to companies, you really really have to have the experience and a very thick skin to be direct to corporate-most companies once established do not utilize this because they know the value of their field leaders. And I don’t recommend it to many.

You need to be very very self-sufficient, reliant and have your own training materials. A company can have many materials but as a leader you have your own style. Aligning yourself with a good leader or a good team is really important. They have a system in place that is duplicatable and they can show you and teach you step by step how to do what they did. The great part about having the systems is that it has a tremendous trickle down effect and then people start to sponsor and then their people start to sponsor. Even if you found out about a company through someone new if they are plugged in and working with a leader that leader will help you as well. Being together in a team atmosphere and having a wealth of support is imperative. As a leader it is important that person teaches the new person coming in so that they can go and do the same exact thing.  Interview the company and the leadership. Align yourself with someone you identify with and they will welcome you checking them out to see if they are a fit. Also a great leader will match their time with your efforts. The work has to be done by you. All a great leader can do is guide you.  Cheers to you!


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