Be Brave

I try to remember back to my early days in my career with network marketing. I always remember being confident on one hand and scared as hell on the second. The business we were taught to lead with product first. That was how the industry was or maybe at the time I was so green I didn’t know what I didn’t know. What we have seen is a shift in mentality. I now truly believe that this business is leading with yourself, developing relationships and then the business. We are NOT selling product we are selling a lifestyle change, a business oppprtunity like no other!  If the business is a no, then turn them into a customer and ask for 2-3 introductions. Simple right? ..theoretically. Getting out of your comfort zone comes from DOING!! Practice should be the most difficult part of this. That means doing the do, the 3 way calls, the meetings and the more you do the easier it is! Action is key!

The past few years we have seen a shift to more entrepreneurial businesses and this is the best kind. Big companies and businesses are no longer the norm. So what better way to start your own business than a networking marketing company. Network marketing is the most powerful business model in the world. Many people that start a business like this never make one phone call after they have invested. Why is that? Why do people get all excited about something like this and then never do it again? One word rejection and the fact it is actually work and lets face it there isnt a lot of akin in the game even at a few hundred dollars investment.  But people won’t give it a fair shot and then they try to blame the model when in actuality it is totally on that individual!! Period!

It is a powerful feeling. It takes a thick skin to be in this business. We get told no A LOT! It is being detached from the emotional part of this business it is huge and it takes time to learn that. No means no not right now. That is it. How bad do you want this business to work for you? Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you willing to pick up the phone? Are you willing to follow the plan??  Are you willing to have a personal face to face conversation and many many of those

If you don’t ask the answer is always no.

So what does it take? Confidence, conviction and BELIEF!! Belief in yourself you can do it. If you don’t what else do you have? Belief that the person is going to say yes, belief that you can pick up the phone and ask for an appointment, belief that YOU CAN DO IT!!! Nike built their whole empire on that. What makes you get up and go to work in the morning? Someone who tells you when to be there, what to do, what time to leave, deadlines, when to eat lunch? And of course you have to go, many can’t live without that paycheck. BUT are you truly happy? Are you truly satisfied by what you do, what you get paid and how many hours you work? My bet is that you can not say yes to all of those or any.

This is the better answer, in my opinion the only answer. You control your time, your paycheck, your taxes (ok somewhat) and when you work. But you have to work it and be consistent. That is so key, be consistent. Treat it like a hobby or a sometime business that is exactly what you will get. Treat it like a million dollar mindset/investment and watch your business soar!!


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