Focus-that is a bigger word than most people think. Focus is what drives anything that you do. Focus is what makes things happen. Focus is key when trying to achieve any goal and focus in your business is paramount. It is probably one if not the most important thing in a business especially a network marketing business. Same for a health or weight loss regimen. Does anyone force you to take a bite of cake or eat half? NO!!! Does anyone put a gun to your head to make you go to the gym? Same analogy…Does anyone force you to make a phone call??? NO! Does anyone make you talk to someone about your business? I highly doubt it. Your upline isn’t going to stalk you into have a possibilities conversation. It is a choice. Are you going to hold yourself responsible? The answer right here, right now is YES! Make a commitment to yourself. How many people could you save financially by offering them their own choice!

Focus will drive behavior (provided the intention behind that is driving the focus). And being a focused leader is so very very important. Often times I see people getting sidetracked by menusha. You can not control what a company does and you may not like it from time to time, but when you focus on your personal business and your team, worrying about the little things that affect your business or your daily life won’t be something that holds you back, and often times people let that happen. Even if you are just starting. Share your excitement and your passion you don’t have to know everything, actually very little because you do know more than the person asking.

You have to stay true to your vision. I also see when someone has personal challenges they let their business fall off to the way side. That is the time you can not afford to do that. That is when you need to be more focused that ever. It creates momentum, it creates activity and motivating you to get off your butt and get into IPA’s. Many times when people break through or wade through tough times they are having is exactly when they have a break through in their business. There are so many distractions out there do not fall into that trap. What do I mean by distractions…most times life (i.e. laundry, cleaning, menial tasks) and sometimes it is more serious but in fact most of the time it is an excuse.

We are still falling into the old adage of go to school and get a job. Folks, this is your wake up call. That is a thing of the past. And yes, you still can but that is fewer and far between. Much much farther. Empower yourself, do something you have NEVER done before.

Here’s the bottom line, your business, your performance is totally up to you. Not your team, not the company. YOU!! And you alone. Sure there are times when stuff happens but at the end of the day what can you do to keep your business moving forward? Things have a way of working themselves out. You started something right? Finish it and do not get sidetracked.

One last note, you can not serve two masters period. If you want to build a big business in network marketing give one company your all. You can’t do ten let alone two. Guess what? Your focus is gone. So pick one build it huge, build it once and help others do the same.


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