The Importance of your WHY


I want to talk to you today about your WHY.  You may have heard…In this industry, you need to have pretty powerful WHY. You need it to stay in business, be consistent and grow a team.

It’s really important to remember,  the #1 reason people get into network marketing business is because of the money. No doubt about it, this can help so many people financially. But there’s always another reason too, I call this your short-term WHY and long-term WHY.

Short-term WHY’s are something you want to see in a few weeks, 30 days, two months or 90 days – These should be your short term goals. You can always go back and adjust your goals, whether you are you are falling short or exceeding it.

I always say “Set the bar a little higher…Stretch yourself and Reach for that goal

But just because you didn’t meet a goal, doesn’t mean you weren’t successful at it. You have to look at it like this – if you set your sights on $1,000 in monthly income and you hit $910, then you achieved 91% of that goal. That’s awesome!

Long-term WHY’s can be several things for starting in this business. You might be really excited about the product line or excited you can help other people. Maybe you want a vacation home or you want to get work done on your house.  Maybe it’s just to pay off debt or save for college and retirement…Maybe you want to buy a boat… The opportunities are endless.  My why is that I want to touch one million people thru this business.

Your WHY is your WHY!


My WHY is different than yours, but at the same time, you have to have that WHY. Your WHY should be that reason YOU are doing this business.


images-1If you don’t have your Goals written down – DO IT NOW!  Stick them somewhere you will see them every day… I strongly encourage this!  I personally use a monthly Goal Board and Vision Board. On my goal board, I have Who I want to help promote, team sales and monthly goals. I have my vision boards on my desk. These are things that inspire me- family, spirituality, health, etc. I am constantly adding to it. I will even put my goals up on my mirror in my bathroom and next to my bed. It’s all about reinforcing this idea of what you want…reinforcing your WHY.

One important thing I always stressed, is having a “Map”to get you there. Monat provides you with a “map” to help you reach your goals and to be successful in this business. But at the end of the day, it’s still about YOU working YOUR business and being consistent.These things help you get to your goals… to your WHY.


I really encourage you to identify that one, big, hairy goal that you want more than anything else. This business can help you get there but YOU have to have a WHY. It is a powerful motivator to help you get where YOU want to be.
I challenge you- GO GET YOUR WHY!!


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