Longevity, Commitment, and Consistency

I have noticed that often times in network marketing,  people think that the New company or the Next best thing in the industry is something to switch to or ADD to what you are currently doing.  I have written about this before but felt compelled again to voice how important it is for you to be a professional in your business.  I know this sounds a bit cliche but… The grass is not greener on the other side.  You have to water your own grass and keep that focus.

When you focus your energy on one sole network marketing business your efforts are much more concentrated and will go MUCH further.  When you are focused on too many things you are all over the place.

  • Have your goals written down:  Why you started this business in the first place?
  • What is your white hot burning desire?
  • Plan your business in 90 day increments:  Does your time match your expectations?

If you want a life long sustainable business you need Longevity, Commitment, and Consistency.  You have to do something for your business every day.  People will regard you as more serious and committed when you focus on that one business.   When you are serious others will treat your business seriously.  No matter where you come from or how many companies you have been with in the past,  It’s the real deal if you think so.  I treat my business like I invested a million dollars because that is the return on investment I want. And guess what… I got it!!   This IS a Multi-Million dollar business, but most people won’t treat it that way.  BIG MISTAKE!

Be Focused, Committed, and Confident… knowing you have made the best possible decision for you AND your family!!  No one can take that away from you. Share that belief and conviction.  I know it is easier said than done,  but Do Not place worry where it does not belong… it will steal energy from where it needs to be.  It does not matter what others think; they are not paying your bills.

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Trust that little voice. That little voice is your BIG voice…Act upon it.  That is your intuition.  Your path is being opened up to you!  I often hear how people can’t step out of their comfort zone.  That is a self-limiting belief!!!  We are capable of great things…Just start.

Be Brave!!



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