BIG things, BIG goals

Let’s talk setting INTENTIONS…

Do you have some BIG things, BIG goals you are setting for yourself? I do!

While on my morning run this morning, one of my Big Hairy Audacious Goals was on my mind and the first thing I thought of was Setting my Intentions.

I once read “The intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs.”

An Intention is the starting point to which ALL GOALS are set and met. If you don’t set your intention you won’t get to where you want to be.

Every day we need to set our intentions and expect them to happen!! ~ Set your goal, Have a date, Write it down~   In doing this, doors start opening for you!!

Be wary of negative self-talk. Be intentional in the way you talk to yourself about your goals. And most importantly, don’t listen to the negative-nellies in your life. Talk to the people who believe in you and will encourage you.

I have some really amazing things I want to do in the coming months. I have called on some very highly successful people to help keep me accountable.   Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and hold you accountable will help you meet your goals.

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The universe wants to help you help other people. When I set my intention, my goal is always to be a servant leader. What you put out into the world will come back to you!! Remember this when you are setting your own intentions.  

I want to touch people’s lives through my business and my opportunity. Creating more and better leaders along the way. This Mantra drives my intention….My intention helps me meet my goals.

My challenge to you is…Set your intentions high this month. Make it a big goal and stretch yourself.  Visualize it… there is so much power in visualization!!!

Bottom line, if you don’t set your intention of what you want… you are never going to get it!


Your Past is in THE PAST


I’m getting a little personal today and sharing some of my story.  I’m a pretty private person so this is not in my comfort zone. But, I strongly believe everyone has something to learn from someone else.  And if my story can help or Inspire, then that’s what I’m here for.

My dad instilled in me the drive to work hard. I’ve always been a hard worker. Actually, I’m a bit of a Workhorse, but I saw that I worked Hard but not Smart. I see that in a lot of people. We work hard, but not smart.

As you may know by now,  I love to read and my favorite topic is personal growth. One subject that really changed me was Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth consciousness. (I have blogged about this before) While digging into these topics, it wasn’t just about making money, it was about having a healthy mindset across the board.

In order to have a healthy mindset, you need to clear some things up that usually have to do with your past. Something that was being shown to me over and over again was this:

“Your past does not define you”  

The past cause me to see things in a negative way. Always looking at what was going wrong instead of what was going right. What I realized was, that behavior was actually bringing more wrong into my life!

FACT:  In life, you get back what you put in. If you put out negativity, that’s what you get back.

I always worked in the restaurant industry and I loved it. When I started a family it got difficult to stay in.  So I started my own business…but it was feast or famine.  Not only was there the stress of an Up and Down business, but I was also going through a Very nasty divorce. It left me defeated, penniless and feeling like a failure.  Overcoming that, I pulling myself out, with the help of a great support system and who I call “my rock”. We slowly started to build again.  BUT, like life does, it knocked us down and we fell on some hard financial times again. Living the paycheck to paycheck life and struggling to stay afloat.  There was one defining moment when my partner (my rock) went and sold his beloved Rolex watch just to make ends meet. This was such a low point for me.  I know that you can not place a lot of value on material things, but we all have something that we are proud of earning. He loved that watch so much. He worked very hard to get it and it signified a level of success to him…and I had to watch it be taken away.  Low, Low, Low

That moment changed me…I knew from that day on I WOULD build us back up, I would get to a place where I could tithe like I wanted too, where I could do things for my family without worry, do things for me without worry.  It made me take control back of my future.

Untitled design (4)I share all of this with you to show you one thing:

If you have the dream, if you have the passion, if you have the WHY.. YOU HAVE TO DO IT!  YOU CAN DO IT!!

Your past does not define you…It does not define who you are. No matter what kind of childhood you had, if you were in an abusive relationship, or if you had to sell your things. You rise above. Get back up and keep going.

When failure knocks you down you get back up… EVERY TIME!  You keep going and you don’t let someone else steal your happiness. You don’t let someone else tell you who you are, you know who you are!  We were all put here for a special reason and that’s the bottom line.

Go and do what you were meant to do.  Go after your dreams and set your goals. Don’t let someone else or something else take that away from you.

YOU deserve this!!!

Build, Build, Build

This will be a short post, with a very simple message: Believe in yourself!

I am always surprised at how many people I meet that lack a belief in themselves. So many people are so quick to tell themselves they can’t… but you CAN!

I like to think of myself as a “Belief Builder”.  When I see the talent and someone, and I know they can be successful in what they want to achieve,  I will build build build.  I think it is very important to have people in your life that will do this for you.  Someone who will see past the faults that you see in yourself, and bring to light all of the great qualities.  Someone who will build you up when you feel torn down. Someone who will say yes you can, when you are thinking no you can’t. Sometimes we need to be reminded how great we really can be.

When you allow yourself to believe in yourself and your talents you can do anything.  If you set your mind to it you can do it.  I know that can sound like a cliche, but I am here to tell you that it’s true!

Everyone is on their own path of self-discovery.  It takes some people longer than others. So don’t compare yourself to anyone…just believe in yourself.  Believe you have what it takes, believe you will get it done, believe you will be a success.

Every goal has steps and a process it takes to achieve it.  Figure out what that is and do it.


Allow yourself to believe in yourself.  Serve yourself a big old plate of BELIEF.  I’m not talking about an appetizer, not a dessert and not a side dish.  I’m talking about the main course… BIG BELIEF.

You have to believe in yourself to move ahead…BELIEVE!

Make your Time work for you…

Today’s blog post is for anyone who is building a team or has a team.  During my coaching calls this week I noticed I was getting the same question:  How do I get my people to do something?

Here is my mind blowing answer:  Don’t.

Don’t try and get your people to do something.  It’s not the best way to spend your time. Your Time should match their Effort.

Let me explain. By focusing on people who are not helping themselves, you are wasting your time. You are going to spend way too much time trying to get someone to do something with their business, when you could be out Prospecting, Sponsoring and Inviting new Market Partners. If someone is not putting in the effort why are you spending your time?  The smartest thing you can do for your business is to match your Time with your team members Efforts.

♦ Here’s an example: I talked to 300 people about my business. 75 of those people came on board. Only 9 Leaders, direct to me,  are now sharing this business and building their teams with other people. You can see there is power in the numbers! ♦

I have recently been introduced to Richard Bliss Brooke and I love him! (If you don’t know who he is, look him up and soak in some of his words) He said “For every deck of cards, you are going to get 4 Key Leaders out of there”  He is so right!  Spend your time with those Key Leaders… letting your time match their effort.

You may have people that have not done anything with their business but want to relaunch. Do a group team meeting and find out who those people are. Find out who wants to refocus and help them with that.  Help them relaunch and get the 4 key things from them.


  1.  Their WHY

What is their Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. What do they want their business to do fo them.

2.   30 Day Monetary Goal

What will make them get out of bed in the morning excited.  How much do they want to make in the next 30 days?

 3.  List Of 10 

10 people that they will share their business with.

 4.  Launch and Ribbon Cutting 

Schedule the date for the business kick off and invite as many people they can.

Get these 4 Key Things from them in the first 24hrs.  Then you can see how serious they are. Your Time will match their Efforts.

Bottom line, Spend Your Time Wisely. Know where you are going to put in the work. Meet your efforts with other people who are putting in the work. Lock arms with them and have your time match their efforts.

Time well spent!

Now more than ever Self-Love and Self-Appreciation matter…

Recently I have been hearing a lot of Negative Self-Talk…YUCK!   I remind people all of the time of this one simple fact: When you’re around me, you are NOT allowed to negatively self-talk.  You are NOT allowed to put yourself down.  I’ve been hearing people call themselves an idiot, saying that they’re stupid or that they cannot succeed.  I feel like it’s been happening a lot around me lately and probably for a good reason… so I can bring awareness to this ugly habit.

Do you know that every time you say these negative things to yourself you are reinforcing it into your mind!  You are putting it into all of your energy.  That’s not who you are! The world does a good enough job of tearing us down, and telling us we’re not good enough… we don’t need to help by doing that to ourselves.

I speak from experience. I used to be an awful self-talker. But in the last 5 years I’ve committed to changing that. I sometimes wonder if it has something to do with our health ailments because they make it so easy to talk negatively about ourselves when we’re not feeling well.  Or we remember somebody talking down to us from our past.  So many negative things swimming around in our minds!

But here is a simple solution: STOP!   Right now say NO MORE… And every time you have one of those negative self-talk moments OR negative self-talk comes into your mind…switch it out!  Switch it out with something good and positive about yourself.

I think this is such an important issue because I see how many times people negatively self-talk themselves out of success because they are negatively self-talking themselves out of having self-belief.  In order to be successful at anything you do, you have to Believe in Yourself.

I’m going to challenge you,  that if you change your mindset you will change your life. I’m not saying it’s easy… but it will be worth it. You are worth it!  I’ve struggled with this also and I have overcome it and you will too. I’m not saying negative self-talk will not rear its ugly head again, but if you are ready for it and recognize it,  you can squash it when it appears.

You’re meant to be great. You deserve everything that you’ve ever desired in life whether it’s a relationship, soulmate, a job or whatever it may be.

You deserve SUCCESS

You deserve PROSPERITY

You deserve WEALTH

You deserve HEALTH

YOU DESERVE IT! What’s holding you back is negativity. It’s what has been planted in your head since day one. It’s from your upbringing or past experiences don’t let them rule you!



Say positive things to yourself every day. Write them down and put them places that you will see them. It will change your mindset and make you feel great! Start with telling yourself this Mantra every day:

“ I am Worthy, I am Deserving and I am Capable”

Here’s the most important thing… Always remember to lead with LOVE, POSITIVITY, GRATITUDE and JOY.  If you can lead like this in your life,  you can’t go wrong.  If you can implement these four key things in your leadership,  your life will be forever altered and so will your business.

You deserve it. Give yourself permission for success!


Today I wanted to take a minute and talk about Comparison.  I have noticed this rearing its ugly head while talking with some team members and I wanted to address it.  

We all know that comparison is the thief of Joy but why?  Because of these simple facts…Everybody has a different story and background. Everybody has a different place they have been in their lives and different experiences. We are different, that’s what makes us unique and beautiful.

Often times people come to me and question themselves. Why can’t they do something someone else did?  What was wrong with them?  When these questions arise we have to point a few things out.  Usually what’s going on here is our internal struggle or our negative self-talk. Comparing yourself to other people does not help… Compare yourself to YOURSELF.

Set your goals and measure those goals. What were you able to achieve? Maybe you over achieved the goal.. maybe you’re setting your goals too low.

You have to compare yourself to YOU.  You are the only one in your own head. You are the only one who knows your life experiences. You are the only one that can determine the pace and success of YOUR own business.

At the end of the day, it’s not about this person or that person or any other person for that matter, it’s about YOU.


YOU have to be a champion for your own success! YOU have to be a champion for your business! YOU have to be a champion for your team!

Compare Yourself to Yourself

Network marketing can be so stinking simple…

I started in network marketing when I had my own small business and I was looking for an additional stream of income. It allowed me to bring in more money during our down time. I soon discovered how much I truly loved the freedom it brought me. I loved how much leverage there was in it.  But say the word network marketing, and it could scare people.  As if you’re trying to get one over on someone. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s actually the opposite. It’s is a concept built on building others up as a team.

All network marketing is a way to remove the middleman. It involves introducing Goods, Products, and Services to the public by Word of Mouth advertising. So instead of paying the advertising dollars to big giant, we pay people. And those people are greatly rewarded for their efforts.

This business is truly based on effort and effort alone.  If you have the desire, you can take a Network Marketing business and make it into ANYTHING you want.  I AM the living result of that.

With Network Marketing, YOU are your own Boss. YOU decide how much you work. YOU decide where and when you work. YOU decide how much effort you will put into it.


Like any business, it requires an investment of your time and money. You are investing in YOUR future. How you treat that business is completely up to you. YOU control what your return on investment will be.2 copy 10

Why is Network Marketing worth the investment?  Two words: Residual Income.

A residual income stream will earn you money even when you’re not on the clock.  Residual income is setting yourself up for the future.

The choice is YOURS.  In my opinion, there is a better way out there and it’s Network Marketing, because you don’t have to trade HOURS for DOLLARS.  You are essentially leveraging time and money… don’t let someone else own your time.

It’s nothing more than being excited about and sharing what you love ❤

You can hear more about this amazing business and get a no-fail plan for success by going here and downloading my free e-book Dare to Succeed.


What goes In must come Out

I received this question the other day while talking about your success, the success of your team and how it relates to your Attitude of Gratitude… Someone asked me:

“What happens when people want to give up…when they don’t think they can do this business because they say they don’t have the time to do what it takes… how do you address those people?”

My answer was this…People like that can be draining. Don’t let someone else suck your good energy out of you. If they don’t want to do this business and they don’t believe in themselves, then they’re not going to make it. You are there to give them ALL the tools they need for success, but you CANNOT drag them across the finish line.

Bottom line is we give them simple steps to follow. It takes 30 to 40 minutes a day- 3 to 5 hours a week- and I know everybody has that kind of time. Again you can’t drag someone across the Finish Line. YOU are not responsible for someone else’s success… THEY are responsible for their success.  Show them the right steps, be an example and the rest is up to them…that’s all we can do. Don’t  let people drain you… you cannot operate that way.

When we operate from a grateful heart, you can’t do wrong. When you honestly operate with the best interests of other people at heart, you can’t go wrong. We have been talking so much about this because it has been on my heart and I believe these are things we all need to hear.2-copy-65

I want to challenge you to do these 2 exercises:

  1. Write down 10 Things you are grateful for and put them up somewhere you can see EVERY DAY and read it EVERY DAY.
  2. Write a letter to your to yourself about what you REALLY want.  Talk about where you see yourself in 5 years. This will take some time…be very specific about what it is that you really want to see happen in your life.

If you want, please post it and tag me in it. Share the exercise with a friend/friends that need it.  I would love to hear all of the ways this type of mindfulness changes you from the inside out.

Like I said, we can give you the steps but it truly is up to you.  “Mind your Mind”… that’s probably the biggest thing you can do in today’s day and age.  ‘Mind’ what goes in and you can better control what comes out. It’s up to YOU!

We are out to Change The world!! Making more grateful and more humble people. Changing who WE are to see a change in OTHERS…It’s all about the heart

We are Guaranteed Success!!


Good Vibes

Did you know gratitude reveals your Creative Genius and increases your Mental Strength?(See previous post) Gratitude is the fastest and best way to cultivate what you harvest.

I am just loving all of this gratitude attitude talk. Mostly, I’m loving the feedback I’m getting from it.  The positive effects of Gratitude on your life is like the domino effect…It reaches every part.

But, It doesn’t happen overnight. It definitely takes practice.  When you give off that Good/Grateful energy,  it comes back to you. You have heard this before…What you put out into the world is what you get back.  It simply the way of the universe. There’s no arguing it or denying it.

I have people telling me all the time how much they love my energy and that it’s contagious to them. This is a HUGE compliment and I always love hearing that.  It’s like saying how beautiful you are on the inside. That’s because I am operating from a place of Grace, Gratefulness and Happiness.  

I’m not saying that I don’t have my moments and that you will too. But it is what you do in those moments,  behind closed doors that makes the BIG difference. That is our Integrity… it’s what we do when no one’s watching. I recently read this:

Consistency is a Hallmark of a champion. It certifies a standard of purity and its practice

A Hallmark is an official mark or stamp indicating a standard of purity, used in marking gold and silver articles in Britain.  It’s like an award for something that is real/pure.  Here we read “Consistency is a Hallmark of a champion”… Meaning Consistency in any practice brings you to success…in its purest form.  Consistently Repeat something you know and believe is good for you AND your business,  and you WILL be a champion.  It’s part of the formula to success….There’s no dying it.  Ha..seems simple enough 🙂

A Champion embraces the process with a clear mental picture

Let me ask you a question,  Do you find yourself complaining?  And when you complain,  what you think that does to your energy?  What do you think that does to the space you are trying to perform in?

When you complain it makes all of your progress go back. It makes you go backwards. Reverses your progress.  Sounds horrible right.  We don’t want to go back, we want to go forward.

Did you know it takes 2x’s as many muscles to frown 😦  as it takes to smile 🙂

It’s easier to smile…naturally easier for you to be happy…how great is that!  If something doesn’t make you feel good on the inside then you shouldn’t be practicing it or doing it. When you get a bad feeling it’s for a reason… it’s your heart.  Practice what makes you feel good.2-copy-47

At the end of the day,  it’s going to be about your Choices. Are you going to go down the path of prosperity? Are you going to be a champion or are you going to be Delusional?  The Choice is ALWAYS yours.

We are already all in…No matter the sacrifices we make on a daily basis to get where we want to be.   BUT…I have to ask… Do you truly believe, in your business, you are giving those under you a clear 100% chance at being successful?  Can you effectively teach someone else to do what you’re doing?  If they did the same thing that you are doing, would it move their business forward?

Some good things to think about….

Get 110% committed to the success of your business. In doing this,  you build MORE and BETTER LEADERS.


Attitude Check

This is your Gratitude Attitude check in


We’ve been talking a lot about gratitude and how important is in our lives and in our business. I wanted to check in with you today to see how your personal practice is going.


  • We know that gratitude creates Consistency and Consistency creates Habits and out of those Habits we find our Solutions.


  • We know that when we are Grateful…we sleep better, we are happier, we form healthy relationships AND we increase our self-esteem.


But most of all we know the gratefulness gives us FREEDOM.  It gives us freedom from those evil feelings like jealousy, regret, envy and resentment.  YUCK… How many times have you seen a story that someone puts up on social media and you immediately think “ oh, well, they got lucky, something was handed to them” — That’s you feeling jealous… and we don’t want you feeling that way!!


Folks, you feel jealous when you don’t have a clear definition of what YOU want and what YOU truly believe. You feel jealous when you don’t TRULY believe in your own end results. #YourSuccessIsGuaranteedIfYouBelieve


This practice of gratitude will create a Consistency in your life that will turn into Habit . How great does that sound???  To create a Habit of being Grateful!!!… Beautiful thing right there.


When you are consistent it becomes part of you… It changes you…PERIOD. Be consistent in the change you want to see and YOU WILL SUCCEED!


Have you started practicing your attitude of gratitude?

How is this changing in you?

What habits are you creating?


I can not wait to hear from you!!! Please comment below 🙂