Leadership in Network Marketing is the greatest joy I have ever had in my professional life.  There is the amazing personal development that comes with leading a team. This has led me on a path of being the best I can be every day and to be better than I was yesterday. I am always thinking about what I can do for my team. How can I be my best so I can help them be their best?

Over my years, I have found that all successful leaders are always leading and doing what they need to do to grow their business… because if I am not going to do it how can I expect my team too?  It would be hypocritical if I were not striving for greatness every single day. Every single day I am talking to people about my business opportunity.  I lead with the business because if someone says no to my business, then I am going to turn them into a customer and ask for the referrals. I want to provide value for people, I want to paint the vision. The vision of what this business could do for them and their family and quite possibly other people that they know. I am doing a disservice to someone by not offering them my business. I do not know what is truly what is going on behind closed doors for that person. And let’s face it EVERYONE needs more money. What are they going to do to get it? I might just have something to offer them.2 copy 25

Leaders teach…and teaching someone to Ask is somewhat of an art.  You are listening for a need.  I can’t tell you how many countless times I have heard someone say I need more money.  My answer to this is “Well I get paid for washing my hair, you could do the same”….do you know how much interested a line like that creates? Much of leadership is getting over the fear of opening your mouth and refining what you say.  Be excited, be passionate it. It takes you far. Ask if someone has objections and then address each one individually.  Being a leader is uncovering needs, objections. It is just with sometimes a few people and sometimes many. I also say we aren’t selling anymore, we are sharing an experience. We are sharing something that we can really help people with both image, confidence and financially!

Leaders also plug in. They plug into the training, conduct training, check in and follow up,…they plug in deep into their teams. You never know where your next rock star leader may be.  Create those relationships, ask about them. Leaders also provide solutions. If there is a challenge or problems, they offer solutions or ideas.

Be a good Leader in your field. Be a Servant Leader… putting others needs first before your own.

The 4 Most Powerful Words

There are four words in our language that I believe have the power to change your life.


These four words define what you Can do and what you Will do.  These words tell your heart and your mind what direction you are going in.  These four words determine your outcome.


However, often times we tell ourselves “I can’t do that”,  “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money”… No more negative self-talk!!  It has the power to literally stop you from accomplishing what you are trying to do.  It’s the worst thing you can do for yourself and your dreams.

At the end of the day, that negative self-talk is going to determine what you do.  The way we speak to ourselves is the most powerful determiner of what we can accomplish.  Instead of saying I can’t, I don’t, I won’t …say this,  I CAN I WILL.  Doing this will completely change your perspective on everything. I promise you!

I challenge you to use those four powerful words instead.  Replace  “I can’t” and  “I don’t” with  “I CAN” and  “I WILL”.

Always promote positivity in your life!!  Focus on what you do have and what you are trying to accomplish.

You CAN and You WILL


I was so inspired by a friend’s post on Facebook a couple days ago.  She wrote about how people are always asking her how she got “So lucky” or telling her she must be a “great salesperson”.  She pointed out that,  it wasn’t that she got “lucky” or was good at sales… it was that she “Did the Do” Everyday.  It wasn’t that she was in the right place at the right time… It was that she got up every day and worked her business…110% committed.

I completely agree with her. I didn’t get lucky,  all of the Directors didn’t get lucky,  all of the Market Partners driving their Cadillacs didn’t get lucky.  They got busy…. They got busy going to work on their business every day.


This business is about YOU … it’s not about anyone else.  Here’s a hard truth…If you’re making excuses then you don’t want it bad enough.  If you DO want it,  then go out there and make it happen… it’s that simple!

I know we all get warm and comfy in our comfort zones,  but a comfort zone won’t help you grow.   A comfort zone won’t push you harder.  A comfort zone keeps you right where you are.  Do you want to stay where you are or do you want to grow?  In order to grow and Achieve you need to step out of that comfort zone.

No one just gets lucky… be consistent and work hard every day!


You create Your Own Journey

I want to talk to you today about Your Own Journey.  Notice I said “Your Own” journey….

One of the things I notice most in this business is a negative mindset or the wrong mindset.  I notice that people are constantly looking at other people’s success and being weighed down by it.  They are immediately thinking “what am I doing wrong”, “I can’t do this”, “why isn’t that happening to me”….. Guys, your journey is your own…make the best out of it!

You create your own journey…don’t compare yours to anyone else’s.  

Here what I have observed:

  You are not focusing on your own personal business. You are watching these people on social media or where ever,  and it makes you feel deflated.   If this is you, Stop following them…maybe even get off social media…and start working your own personal business.  

When you are focused on what other people are doing and their success, then you don’t have a big enough WHY!  You are not putting the time and effort into your own business for your own success.

Everybody’s situation is different:  Age, Involvement, Support system, Availability, How many events they do.   Everyone’s situation is different. You can’t base your success on what other people do. 

You may work full-time, you may have family demands or other life circumstances that prevent you from devoting the same amount of time as others can.

BUT good news, You CAN and WILL succeed in this business!! You don’t have to recreate the wheel.  

  • Go back to your contact list
  • Revisit it your WHY
  • Follow the Income producing Activities



You got this!!! Comparison is the thief of joy…focus on YOU!

Work smarter 🙂

Let’s talk Branding

When we think of Branding, we typically think of a logo, design or colors associated with a business.  But I want to talk about another aspect of branding that speaks more to the heart of your business.  Today I want to talk about “Branding your Professionalism”…. Representing yourself and your business in a way that people see the tremendous value you place on IT and THEM.

No matter what company you are with or what your business is,  people do business with you because they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.   It’s about Branding yourself and what professionalism you can bring to the table for people.  Whether that is through your business opportunity or through your product…Or Both.  It”s all about YOU, who you are and what you represent!  People will see and respect how professional you are in your business and how professionally you treat them.

When you brand who you are as a professional your clients and prospects will also place value on your business.

You do this by:

  • Showing Up on time
  • Responding to people quickly
  • Responding to your customers with 5-star treatment
  • Treating your team as a top priority

It’s how you treat your team and how you treat your customers!  At the end of the day,  your team and your customers are the MOST important things in your business. Place them on a top shelf with the utmost priority…when you do this you are Giving, Showing and Receiving value for your business.


If this is something that has slipped away from you, just start somewhere. I suggest starting with the very first person who came on board in your business. Go back and treat them like you did when they first came in.  Check in with them, send them a personal note, phone call or text.  Also, Check in with your Rock Stars coming on board. Show them that you value them and you see the value they are bringing.

!!!REFERRALS!!!  This is the lifeblood of any business.  We survive off of the good word and referrals from our customers.  Do something special for your customers who are sending you business.  You can do this with a referral program or with incentives.  Whatever you do, make sure you are taking care of these people.

Let the way you do business speak to who you are…

Brand yourself with professionalism and find that personal touch that is all about YOU!



I went to a women’s event and the lady that was in charge was an ordained minister.  Which I thought was so cool!!  I love to see women in roles that are not traditionally ours…I always say a woman can do anything and, a lot of times, do it better 🙂   (Sorry Guys…lol)

Which is what brings me to our topic…Being Authentic. When we talk about being your authentic self we need to address 3 things:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Being True to Yourself

Honesty– When you have to address something Honesty is always the best policy. However, it can be hard and uncomfortable to address an issue with someone. No one wants to hurt someone’s feelings!  Because of this I have adopted the “Oreo Cookie Method”.

This is where you address it first with something good (cookie layer) then the actual issue (Cream in the middle) last finish with something encouraging. This will help you feel better about being honest and help the receiver hear it easier.

Integrity– Integrity is a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  Do not sugar coat your business. If you sugar coat your business then you are not being your authentic self.  Sometimes we need to have these critical conversations with people to help them realize something they potentially need to work on.  BUT do it from the position of Love.  Don’t come from a place of anxiousness, selfishness or egocentricity.  Always have that person’s best interest at heart.  I always say, If you come from a place of love you can never be wrong.

Being True to Yourself– I see so many people comparing themselves to others. While it is a great idea to emulate someone you respect in your niche, it’s NOT a good idea to compare your success to theirs.  We are all unique in our own way and we all have something different to share.  Stay true to what you believe, how you operate and who you are in your core. Most importantly give yourself some Love.  Recognize and celebrate even your smallest wins.

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As leaders and Coaches, we have an obligation to help future clients and business associates realize what potential they have laying inside them. When you are True to yourself, Honest with yourself and you operate with Integrity you can’t go wrong.

There is a freedom in being your Authentic Self!

Lost your motivation…Get it BACK!

Someone sent me a message talking about their lack of motivation.  It really got me thinking and I thought what a great topic to blog about 🙂

How do we stay motivated? When we have all these external things coming at us all the time, How do we stay focused? How do we always try to be a beacon of light and positivity for the others around us?

I think what it boils down to is Our Choices.  

First thing is…You have a choice of what you are going to let affect you.  You can control a lot of those choices by what you allow to go in.   There is a lot of negativity out there.  It’s important that you try and circumvent that negativity…one being the news.  The media sensationalizes negativity, so if it is affecting your focus and motivation…turn it off. Maybe it’s certain friend that is an energy sucker.  Sometimes space is needed to clear out that negativity.  Make choices for yourself that allow motivation to flow easily.

Second thing… Staying Positive.  I know we talk about this a lot, but that’s because we all need to be reminded of it.  Positivity feeds into Motivation.  The one thing you have to concentrate on more than anything else is… Your WHY.   It’s as simple as that.  WHY do you get up every day dedicated to your business? WHY do you get up every day and exercise? Why do you get up every day and be conscientious about what you are eating?  WHY do you feed your mind with positivity make time to read every day?  WHY are you doing what you’re doing? Why do you want this so bad?

I think that when you set that standard for yourself and you remind yourself of your WHY…you find your motivation.  

Remember this:  What comes out of your mouth, is what you put in your head.  Focus on what your motivation is internally.  When you do that it intrinsically shines outwards!

  • Have that Big WHY in front of you every day
  • Have a mantra that you say every day
  • Read something motivation when you get up
  • Set your tone and intentions for the day #AttitudeOfGratitude
  • Reach out to someone you know can inspire you


All that being said…It’s ok to feel unmotivated once in awhile. Except it, Bless it, and live in that space. Take a break and regroup and reground yourself. Take that time to breathe and remember your WHY.

Stay Positive 🙂


BIG things, BIG goals

Let’s talk setting INTENTIONS…

Do you have some BIG things, BIG goals you are setting for yourself? I do!

While on my morning run this morning, one of my Big Hairy Audacious Goals was on my mind and the first thing I thought of was Setting my Intentions.

I once read “The intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs.”

An Intention is the starting point to which ALL GOALS are set and met. If you don’t set your intention you won’t get to where you want to be.

Every day we need to set our intentions and expect them to happen!! ~ Set your goal, Have a date, Write it down~   In doing this, doors start opening for you!!

Be wary of negative self-talk. Be intentional in the way you talk to yourself about your goals. And most importantly, don’t listen to the negative-nellies in your life. Talk to the people who believe in you and will encourage you.

I have some really amazing things I want to do in the coming months. I have called on some very highly successful people to help keep me accountable.   Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and hold you accountable will help you meet your goals.

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The universe wants to help you help other people. When I set my intention, my goal is always to be a servant leader. What you put out into the world will come back to you!! Remember this when you are setting your own intentions.  

I want to touch people’s lives through my business and my opportunity. Creating more and better leaders along the way. This Mantra drives my intention….My intention helps me meet my goals.

My challenge to you is…Set your intentions high this month. Make it a big goal and stretch yourself.  Visualize it… there is so much power in visualization!!!

Bottom line, if you don’t set your intention of what you want… you are never going to get it!


Your Past is in THE PAST


I’m getting a little personal today and sharing some of my story.  I’m a pretty private person so this is not in my comfort zone. But, I strongly believe everyone has something to learn from someone else.  And if my story can help or Inspire, then that’s what I’m here for.

My dad instilled in me the drive to work hard. I’ve always been a hard worker. Actually, I’m a bit of a Workhorse, but I saw that I worked Hard but not Smart. I see that in a lot of people. We work hard, but not smart.

As you may know by now,  I love to read and my favorite topic is personal growth. One subject that really changed me was Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth consciousness. (I have blogged about this before) While digging into these topics, it wasn’t just about making money, it was about having a healthy mindset across the board.

In order to have a healthy mindset, you need to clear some things up that usually have to do with your past. Something that was being shown to me over and over again was this:

“Your past does not define you”  

The past cause me to see things in a negative way. Always looking at what was going wrong instead of what was going right. What I realized was, that behavior was actually bringing more wrong into my life!

FACT:  In life, you get back what you put in. If you put out negativity, that’s what you get back.

I always worked in the restaurant industry and I loved it. When I started a family it got difficult to stay in.  So I started my own business…but it was feast or famine.  Not only was there the stress of an Up and Down business, but I was also going through a Very nasty divorce. It left me defeated, penniless and feeling like a failure.  Overcoming that, I pulling myself out, with the help of a great support system and who I call “my rock”. We slowly started to build again.  BUT, like life does, it knocked us down and we fell on some hard financial times again. Living the paycheck to paycheck life and struggling to stay afloat.  There was one defining moment when my partner (my rock) went and sold his beloved Rolex watch just to make ends meet. This was such a low point for me.  I know that you can not place a lot of value on material things, but we all have something that we are proud of earning. He loved that watch so much. He worked very hard to get it and it signified a level of success to him…and I had to watch it be taken away.  Low, Low, Low

That moment changed me…I knew from that day on I WOULD build us back up, I would get to a place where I could tithe like I wanted too, where I could do things for my family without worry, do things for me without worry.  It made me take control back of my future.

Untitled design (4)I share all of this with you to show you one thing:

If you have the dream, if you have the passion, if you have the WHY.. YOU HAVE TO DO IT!  YOU CAN DO IT!!

Your past does not define you…It does not define who you are. No matter what kind of childhood you had, if you were in an abusive relationship, or if you had to sell your things. You rise above. Get back up and keep going.

When failure knocks you down you get back up… EVERY TIME!  You keep going and you don’t let someone else steal your happiness. You don’t let someone else tell you who you are, you know who you are!  We were all put here for a special reason and that’s the bottom line.

Go and do what you were meant to do.  Go after your dreams and set your goals. Don’t let someone else or something else take that away from you.

YOU deserve this!!!

Build, Build, Build

This will be a short post, with a very simple message: Believe in yourself!

I am always surprised at how many people I meet that lack a belief in themselves. So many people are so quick to tell themselves they can’t… but you CAN!

I like to think of myself as a “Belief Builder”.  When I see the talent and someone, and I know they can be successful in what they want to achieve,  I will build build build.  I think it is very important to have people in your life that will do this for you.  Someone who will see past the faults that you see in yourself, and bring to light all of the great qualities.  Someone who will build you up when you feel torn down. Someone who will say yes you can, when you are thinking no you can’t. Sometimes we need to be reminded how great we really can be.

When you allow yourself to believe in yourself and your talents you can do anything.  If you set your mind to it you can do it.  I know that can sound like a cliche, but I am here to tell you that it’s true!

Everyone is on their own path of self-discovery.  It takes some people longer than others. So don’t compare yourself to anyone…just believe in yourself.  Believe you have what it takes, believe you will get it done, believe you will be a success.

Every goal has steps and a process it takes to achieve it.  Figure out what that is and do it.


Allow yourself to believe in yourself.  Serve yourself a big old plate of BELIEF.  I’m not talking about an appetizer, not a dessert and not a side dish.  I’m talking about the main course… BIG BELIEF.

You have to believe in yourself to move ahead…BELIEVE!